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Research Interests

Our projects bring together industry, academia and public sectors to solve problems more holistically, promote resource and knowledge sharing, and build relationships.

Cristina Mateus – Galapagos´ Atmospheric Emissions & Mitigation Actions

Alfredo Valarezo – Galapagos Initiative towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions

Juan Sebastian Proaño – Biomass Transformation to Biofuels and chemicals

Lorena Bejarano – Energy Efficiency, Public Health, and Subsidies Households Ecuador

Rafael Soria – Mechanical Engineering

Soledad García Ferrari – Urban development and regeneration in Latin America and Europe

José Francisco Alvarez,Lourdes Orejuela,Andrea Landazuri,José Mora,Sebastián Ponce,Miguel Angel Méndez.Energy Related Investigation – Chemical Engineering Department

The Lab will empower local communities to adjust to a rapidly changing economic and cultural landscape, creating a resource and energy system that is appropriate and maintainable.

Contact us

Av. Diego de Robles & Vía Interoceánica

(02) 297-1700 ext 1919