What We Do

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Living Lab Activity Framework

Supply business support and supply chain assessment and development to build sustainable, climate-friendly businesses.

Focus on, investigate and support, the transition to renewable energies and new technologies taking into consideration supply and demand.

Investigate options for an energy supply company and a local energy (advice) agency.

Review, plan and pilot low carbon transportation opportunities balanced with active mobility policy to minimise pollution particularly carbon emission and establish energy security.

Review, plan and pilot low-carbon marine transportation opportunities to minimise pollution, particularly carbon emissions, and establish energy security.

Review and plan energy efficiency measures for buildings utilising proven technologies for building design, energy generation, storage and management.

Review the role of incoming and outgoing aviation and assess the role for local/national policy

Consider changes in construction design principles across all levels of the design and planning process, linking zero carbon vision to tourism infrastructure.

Trial and utilise innovative technologies to comply with the latest sustainable building standards, for both new and old buildings, considering the growth of the local economy and society, and with a focus on the tourism industry.

Explore digital smart technologies, in particular for the tourism industry.

Retro-fit, invest, and pilot water treatment, waste management and recycling as well as circular economy infrastructures and practices, supported by skills and education systems, in particular for the tourism industry.

Access and influence policy development, skills development, technological innovation, and other resources.

Utilise the existing ECCI, CCLAS, Centre for Business and Climate Change, UoE Energy Systems, as well as local models for sustainable resource systems in Galapagos and Ecuador.

Grow visions into other systems that impact and inform the water, food and resource remit, such as the marine and land eco-systems.

Work closely in partnership with local stakeholders and national agencies.

Identify partners for global partnerships to access public and private funding, accessing skills, demonstrating and implementing best practice models for resource technology and two-way communication of progress, achievements and challenges to inform and support global progress towards sustainability.


Sustainable Mobility

Public transport, smart mobility, access to mobility, safety, emissions reduction from every mode of transport

Electricity Generation

The energy in ocean waves is a renewable energy resource not yet fully exploited. Research in converting ocean energy to useful electricity has been ongoing for around 40 years, but no one has yet succeeded to do this at a sufficiently low cost

Any other energy related project

Alfredo Valarezo – Galapagos Initiative towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions

Cristina Mateus – Galapagos´ Atmospheric Emissions & Mitigation Actions

The Lab will empower local communities to adjust to a rapidly changing economic and cultural landscape, creating a resource and energy system that is appropriate and maintainable.

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